ASG is a for-profit company, but instead of using our profits to build our own individual kingdoms, we’re using our corporate finances to build the kingdom of Jesus Christ. We do this by partnering with and financially supporting non-profit organizations that serve our local communities as well as those who are suffering around the world. Just by working at ASG, you are helping us fight hunger, protect exploited children and heal the sick and broken.

ASG employees come from many different faith backgrounds. We don’t require our employees to participate in any religious activities or hold to any particular spiritual beliefs. But we are so passionate about the grace of God and the work of Jesus Christ in reconciling us to Him that we are eager to share the good news of salvation and freedom with anyone who will listen. We have a prayer meeting every Monday morning to pray for our employees and our customers. We also have a weekly Bible study in the corporate office (that is open to everyone) to discuss and explore God’s Word.

God has gone to great lengths to reconcile your relationship with Him!  Check out this four minute video that explains the gospel (good news):  http://youtu.be/K48-Li7lIfA