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Preparing your resume

We've seen literally thousands of resumes over the years. Here are a few tips that will help our recruiters and Program Managers clearly see your qualifications.

  1. In the government space, there is a big emphasis on certifications, education and clearance. List these up front under your contact information.
  2. If you are studying for a certification, are enrolled in a college class, or are planning on doing either of these things in the near future, go ahead and leave them off of your resume until you have the certificate or diploma in hand. Likewise, if you have been through training for a certification but never actually received it, leave it off of your resume.
  3. Describe the technical environment in which you were working. To the best of your ability, list the types of hardware, types of software, number of servers, versions of applications, etc.
  4. Highlight any accomplishments that you made in your previous jobs. Anyone can cut and paste an old job description into a resume, but we want to know how you made the place better.
  5. Make sure you account for gaps in employment. If you took 3 months off to go backpack around Europe, it's cool (we've done that too), just be sure to list it.
  6. Keep your resume to two pages or less. We really only need to know what you've been doing for the past 10 years and two pages should be ample space to tell us about that experience.

5 reasons to work for us

  1. We are a faith-based company. This means that our integrity and reputation are of the highest importance to us. We desire to be a blessing to both our customers and our employees and actively pursue ways to go above and beyond in that mission.
  2. We have a first-class benefits package including Aetna healthcare coverage, paid vacation, paid holidays and matching 401k.
  3. The owners and senior management have an open door policy. At any time, you can stop by or call just to say hello, get career advice or receive personal attention to any issues you might be having.
  4. We love to promote from within. Once you join the ASG team, your recruiter becomes your agent. We work with you to identify upcoming advancement opportunities and then help you to achieve the required skills and certifications to perform the job.
  5. We are growing! ASG has received multiple awards recognizing our remarkable growth over the past five years. This means that we have more opportunities in the most sought after environments. Join us and grow with us!

So I’m a contractor. Does that make me a temp?

In the government space, you fall under one of three categories: active duty military, government civilian or contractor. The term contractor comes from the fact that you are working on a contract that the government has awarded to our company. However, this does not mean that you are a temporary employee. Most of our employees working on government contracts are salaried and receive our first-class benefits package including paid vacation, paid federal holidays, health care benefits and matching 401k.

Am I eligible to receive a security clearance and how do I get one?

There are many types of security clearances and each of them has their own set of requirements for eligibility and their own process. But to keep things simple, we’ll cover a couple of the big items. On most of our contracts, you’ll need to receive an interim clearance before you are able to begin work. This is done by answering an extensive online questionnaire and getting fingerprinted. Once that’s complete, it typically takes 48-72 hours to receive an interim clearance. That allows you to start work while the full investigation occurs. It is the government, not ASG, who determines whether or not you receive a clearance. There are typically five things that might prevent you from receiving one: felonies and/or misdemeanors, bankruptcies, credit issues such as accounts over 90 days past due, psychiatric conditions and foreign ties.

Why do I need certifications and what exactly is this 8570 thing I keep hearing about?

The government has initiated an Information Assurance Workforce Improvement Program known as DoD 8570 that affects nearly ever contract that we have with the Department of Defense. The ultimate vision of the Directive is a sustained, professional IA workforce with the knowledge and skills to effectively prevent and respond to attacks against DoD information, information systems and information infrastructures. This vision is accomplished by requiring personnel to achieve certain certifications.

The actual requirements for each position are spelled out on our contracts with the government. Some of our contracts allow our new employees to have six months to receive the necessary certifications, others allow 90 days and some require the certifications prior to the employee going on site. There are typically two parts of the certification requirement: an IA certification (such as an A+, Network+, Security+ or CISSP) and a computing environment certification (such as MCP, MCITP-EA, CCNA, or RHCT). Your ASG recruiter can tell you exactly what you need and when you’ll need it.